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"MS Kvikk" operates on schedule to Grip and can take you to several other places

Experience idyllic Grip

Take Gripruta from Kristiansund to the unique fishing village of Grip. It is an idyllic gem in good weather, and an extraordinary adventure in wind and waves.

You can explore the island on your own, or take a guided tour first. The visit is like a journey back in time, where you can experience what life was like for those who lived and worked on the small island in the middle of the sea, as well as how life on the island is today. Feel free to stop by the world's northernmost stave church and visit Gripkroa for a cup of coffee in the sunshine.

We have departures from May to September. The crossing takes 35 minutes.

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Charter trip to Grip

You can hire "MS Kvikk" and go to Grip when it suits you. From NOK 17,000. Capacity: 48 people.

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Charter trip to Ringholmen

The island of Ringholmen is beautifully situated on Tustna. The restaurant was once a fish receiving station and, of course, has klippfish on the menu. Ringholmen also offers accommodation and sea activities..

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Charter trip to the Atlantic road

The spectacular national tourist road connects Averøy with the feared Hustad bay. Take the sea route through narrow straits, open seas and beautiful landscapes.

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Charter trip to Håholmen

The heritage-listed fishing village of Håholmen in Hustadvika has been a meeting place, harbour, home and workplace for fishermen, sailors, grocers and farmers for hundreds of years. In 1898 Ragnar Thorseth's grandfather settled here. In 1989 the famous explorer Ragnar Thorseth took over the operation and gave the three-hundred-year-old fishing village new life.

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Other destinations

"MS Kvikk" takes you quickly and comfortably to where you want to go. For example, Sveggsundet, Vikaneset Seaside Hotel, Kvernes Stave Church...

Please contact us to charter "MS Kvikk".

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Charter trips near Kristiansund

If you don't need the speed of "MS Kvikk", you can hire one of the other Sundbåter for harbor sightseeing or events.

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