Terms and conditions

Conditions for orders, purchases and participation on planned trips with KKS Gripruta as client. By planned trips we mean all trips with fixed departures as published and announced on our websites, and charter/hire of vessels that have been ordered through us directly.



The order is binding when you have received written confirmation of received payment. KKS Gripruta is then responsible for delivering the fixed trip you/you have ordered. At the moment you make a booking, you also confirm that you have the authority to accept on behalf of yourself and any travel companions. You accept responsibility for payment being made to us for all travelers in your entourage. You yourself are responsible for ensuring that the reservation is in accordance with the order. You will be responsible for ensuring that everyone in your traveling party is kept fully informed of what has been ordered and of any changes.


Cancellation and refund

Tickets ordered and paid for through our website are not refundable, with the exception of:

1: Full refund if KKS Gripruta cancels the trip, regardless of the reason.

2: Full refund in the event of illness and/or other serious health conditions and death, with documentation from a doctor. Refunds also apply to travel companions who have booked tickets on the same booking reference. Cancellation must be notified to KKS Gripruta no later than 24 hours before departure.



Any complaints related to the trip must be reported in writing to KKS Gripruta within 5 days, after the scheduled trip has been completed.


Description of execution

KKS Gripruta reserves the right to change/cancel trips and program due to weather conditions. All tours are subject to change or cancellation for safety reasons. In the event of cancellation on our part, the amount paid will be refunded. The participant who has booked the tour will mainly be contacted by e-mail used when booking. It is therefore important that the participant checks their e-mail regularly for messages. In addition, a telephone number must be entered when ordering.



The organizer is insured in accordance with general conditions for passenger transport at sea. Participants are themselves responsible for any additional travel insurance. KKS Gripruta can not be held responsible for losses and additional costs due to delays beyond the company's control such as strikes, accidents, illness or other conditions that fall under force majeure. KKS Gripruta is not responsible for valuables brought by the customer, such as bags, glasses, camera/phone, clothes etc.


Customer's duty

The participants themselves are responsible for assessing whether they are physically and mentally fit to take part in booked trips, and must at all times comply with the instructions of the captain and crew on board.

KKS Gripruta reserves the right to refuse participation on a trip if the customer is a threat to safety, either for himself or the other participants, or if the customer behaves in such a way that he/she is a major embarrassment to the other participants. All such assessments are made by the captain on board ships in passenger traffic, and he/she is always the highest authority on board.

Passengers on our tours confirm with their reservation that there are no medical reasons to doubt their participation on the tour in question. Instructions by personnel must be observed. In cases where this is not followed, our personnel are permitted to reject the passenger from participation in the trip. In such cases, the passenger will not be entitled to a refund.

In the event that a passenger cancels his or her participation in a tour at his or her own request, he or she has no claim to a refund. KKS Gripruta will of course exercise discretion in special cases, if there are special circumstances and/or reasons. Passengers are themselves responsible for contacting KKS Gripruta directly according to  the conditions for complaints.



Any disputes between the customer and KKS Gripruta subject to the jurisdiction of local courts where KKS Gripruta is located.

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